Dear Parents,

 I am happy to welcome you to  UTIBE LESSONS! I am looking forward to a productive partnership with you to ensure our children can achieve their highest potential. We recognize that to be successful in school, our children need support from both home and school. We know a strong partnership with you will make a significant difference in your child’s education. As partners, we share the responsibility for our children’s success and want you to know that I will do my very best to carry out my responsibilities.

Our theme for this year is: Defeating Convid19 Through Determination And Hard work. We ask that you guide and support your child’s learning by ensuring that


  • Attends lessons daily and arrives on time, ready for the day’s learning experience
  • Completes all homework assignments given by the teacher
  • Reads daily to develop a love for reading and to improve literacy skills
  • Shares lessons experiences with you so that you are aware of his/her lesson life
  • Informs you if he/she needs additional support in any area or subject
  • Knows that you expect him/her to succeed in school and go on to college / university

The lesson has an improved behavior management system, and this is supposed to help the children to show excellent attitude towards learning and other people.

Honestly, significant positive changes will be taking place this lesson period and some of these changes will be expatiated at the Parents’ corner.

Please do not hesitate to contact or book an appointment to see me if you wish to discuss any issues or challenges regarding your child. We encourage you to visit our website regularly.


I feel privileged to be a part of this lesson family. We thank you for your support and look forward to meeting you.



Utibe Etuk

Lesson Instructor