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Digital access is defined as  the ability to fully participate in a digital society. This includes access to tools and technologies, such as the Internet and computers, that allow for full participation. Unfortunately, not everyone has complete digital access and therefore, are not able to fully participate in digital society.

Schools, teachers, communities, and families play a critical role in successfully integrating technology into teaching, learning, and assessment. However, today's technology is changing so quickly that teachers must stay vigilent in learning the new applications and tools available for student growth. Sites from Twitter, Moby Max, SeeSaw, Epic, Prodigy to Typing Agent, show the technology is expanding quickly and it is advantageous to stay up to date and implement in the classroom. With this rise in technology, teachers are incorporating it more and more into their daily class schedule. With easy access that most students have to technology, it is critical that students are taught the correct use of technology and to care for devices. 


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To ensure that all students get equal chance at technology is to encorporate it into class time. Let students have adequate time to safely explore educational learning sites, or complete class assignments. At the elementary level, technology is used as a beneficial small group acitvity where 3-4 students rotate and are independently working on lessons to meet them at their learning level and advance as they learn.  At the secondary level, it is vital to give students access to technology in an effort to complete assiggned projects or papers.  When devices are limited, at school, divide the students into groups and have them work in partners or allow individual time to work with needed technology. Many schools are implementing the one to one initiative where a device available for each student enrolled, this is very beneficial for our changing digital world that requires the use of technology.                                            


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