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What should students do to be safe when using email and the Internet?

Technology is a great tool for students to engage in learning. It is also a great tool to gain knowledge about the subject matter to be successful in school. Everything you would need to know is at your fingertips. Though it is a great tool is can be dangerous if not used correctly. This page is going to give you steps to follow in order to stay safe while using email and the internet. There will also be some videos you can watch to encourage the safety of internet use. 


Wild About Safety with Timon and Pumbaa: Safety Smart® Online

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 When using email having good safety practices is important. Keeping your password to yourself will ensure that no one else can access your account. if it is a password that you feel you may forget then you need to keep in written down in a safe place. Once you enter your email account do not open emails from an unknown source. Some of these emails will have viruses in them that can harm your account or personal information. Make sure that all unknown emails and spam mail are deleted from your account so they can not be opened. Lastly, do not use your personal email account to sign up or register for anything you are unsure of. Some websites can harm your account and access it to get information. List below in five simple steps to follow when using your email account.                                                     


Steps to take using Email:

1. Do not share your password.                                                                        

2. Keep your password safe.  

3. Do not open emails from unknown sources. 

4. Do not open spam mail. (Delete it)

5. Do not use your email address on unknown websites.



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Video on Email Safety:

Stay safe on email

When using the internet it can be really fun and engaging. It also can be dangerous if not used in the correct way. The internet offers a lot of great resources for school, research, and personal use. There is websites and links that can hurt your personal information and you as well. Do not use the internet and put your personal information out there. If you do that it can be accessed by anyone. This can result in harm to you or your personal information. Below is a list of steps to following when using the internet. 

Steps to take when using the internet:

1. Never use a website that has not been approved by your parents.                                   

2. Never met someone off the internet.   

3. Do not give out your personal information. 

4. Make sure your pop-up blocker is on. 



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Video on Internet Safety:

Children and the Internet

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