Calendar & Homework

Student Calendar and Homework

Check here everyday for your homework.  Remember it is your responsibility to write it down during class time as well.


Day Math L.A. Spelling Science/S.S. Reminders
8/20 study times tables   Monday's choice    
8/21 study times tables   Tuesday's choice   Back to School Night Tomorrow
8/22 Prime numbers & Times Tables   Wednesday's Choice  

Wednesday Folder

Back to School Night

8/23 Place Value worksheet     Pre-test  
8/27 HP pg. 3 Akiak Vocabulary Draw & color Week 2Monday's Choice   Bring Library Books
8/28 HP pg. 7-8 Choose the Best answer Tuesday's choice    
8/29 HP pg. 9 Cold Words Wednesday's Choice    
8/30 Skill 1-2 worksheet Workbook pg. 7 & finish TATS Pre-test   x-tables and book report signature
8/31 Happy Friday        
9/3 Labor Day        
9/4 Rounding worksheet Titanic Vocab Draw&Color Week 3 Tuesday's Choice    
9/5 HP pg. 11

Finish SRQ

Titanic TATS #1-5

Week 3 Wednesday's Choice    X-tables signatures
9/6 Pg. 50&51 in hardcover

-Seaworthy words

-Time Goes On

(worksheets in packet)

Week 3 Pre-test    
9/7 Happy Friday