Class Rules

Class rules and procedures


General Classroom Rules

  • Be ready for instruction at the tardy bell (that means seated and with spanish notebook out on your desk)
  • Raise your hand for permission to leave your desk and for permission to speak
  • Absolutely no cell-phones - unless authorized by me
  • Be responsible for your own actions
  • Do not interrupt when others are talking

Not following the rules outlined above will result in the following measures:

      1) first offense: KIR (lunch detention)
      2) second offense: Parents will be contacted
      3) third offense: 5 points off grade
      4) fourth offense: Referral to the principal's office



Absenteeism: Students who are absent from class are required to visit Mrs. Vailes' Web site prior to returning to class in order to take or download the lesson(s) missed, announcements, and homework.  The idea here is to return to class ready to ask questions about the material missed and/or to move on to new material. If a students misses an evaluation, classroom assignment, homework, etc. due to an absence(s) -- that student is required to request Mrs. Vailes to sign him/her for make up work after school the day of their return.

Cellphones and other electronic devices: No cellphones, laptops, tablets or other electronic devices are allowed during class -- unless specifically indicated by the teacher for class-related activities.  Students are encouraged to surrender their cell phone at the beginning of class in order to  minimize distractions and the irresistible urge to constantly check them.

Students using cellphones or other electronic devices during unauthorized time will be asked to turn in their device in to the administration. Students refusing to comply with this policy will receive a referral to the discipline office. 

Tardiness: Students coming to class after the tardy bell rings without a signed excuse from an adult will receive a KIR (minor infraction) -- without exception.  No student will be allowed to leave the classroom in an attempt to seek an excuse after coming late. If a student misses a previously signed-up make up (assessment) due to an unexcused absence he/she will earn a "zero" grade in such assessment.

Homework: Homework is due at the beginning of class. Students need to place their homework in the designated "homework box" when is due. Not turning homework in the first five minutes of class will cost points off the assignment. If homework is late due to an absence hand the homework to me (your teacher). I am not responsible for homework placed anywhere else other than in my hand.