Useful links

Duolingo Tutorial link

Spanish Letter Names Listening Practice -- this link is to hear the Spanish letter names. The more
you listen to it the easier will be to be able to spell your name in Spanish, or any other word for that


El alfabeto This is is an excellent quiz to practice spelling in Spanish. Try it!

Study Spanish Web site
This site not only has a good explanation on different grammar subjects,
but it also offers quizzes that are automatically graded when you finish.


Dictionary with pronunciation
translate from English to Spanish and hear the proper
pronunciation of words.  Some words have videos that further
explain words.

Getting started with Spanish is about developing a basic
vocabulary and understanding simple phrases. Try learning with

Language course online
This is an excellent site to practice Spanish. You can also download its
app so that you can practice Spanish on the go.

Conjugation practice
This is a great site to practice conjugation, one of the most difficult
parts of grammar for many English-speakers.


Listening comprehension
This site features native-Spanish speakers talking about various topics
learned in class


Textbook resources Spanish 2
Exercises and quizzes from the textbook.

Textbook resources for Spanish 1
Exercises and quizzes from the textbook.


Listening comprehension and excercises
This site features spanish speakers from different Hispanic countries
telling you about themselves and asking you questions.


Numbers drill
Practice ordinal numbers from 1-100 (spelling/listening comprehension)