“With one year of VALORANT within the books,” writes Riot, during a blog post about today’s anniversary; “the only proper thing to try to to is celebrate for a month. That’s why in June we begin VALORANT YR1, a slate of events and opportunities – both in-game and out – to many thanks with cool stuff for a year’s worth of headshots, Spike plants, and insta-locking Duelists.” altogether , there are not any but 10 Valorant events happening this month. a number of these are in-game events which began today or which can begin later in June. Others are specific livestreams or announcements. These events are as follows:

Night.Market: Available from today, players can now access Night.Market, which offers a group of six random skins. These are going to be available to shop for at a reduction and are unique to each Valorant player.

Give Back Bundle: From today until the 7th of June, Valorant fans can cast a vote for his or her favourite old weapon skins to return within the ‘Give Back Bundle’. The winning skins are going to be announced on the 16th, and therefore the refore the bundle itself are going to be available for purchase between the 22nd and the 8th of July. 50% of the proceeds from the Weapon Skins and 100% of the proceeds from Accessories within the bundle will go towards the charitable Riot Games Social Impact Fund.

Player Cards: Later this month, Riot are going to be launching a replacement edition YR1 set of Player Cards. the primary are going to be available to redeem on the 9th, while the second are going to be during a Prime Gaming Drop on the 14th. The third and final are going to be a part of the YR1 Event Pass, below.

Community Battlepass: From the 13th to the 25th of June, players are going to be ready to vote for all kinds of unique items. These votes are going to be organised by global region. The top-voted items will appear during a special Community Battlepass in Valorant Episode 4. Episode 3 Livestream: At 10:00 AM PT on the 21st of June, Riot are going to be hosting a livestream featuring a panel of developers from the Agents, Competitive, and Premium Content teams. Account Levelling: On the 22nd of June, Valorant will; “add a replacement thanks to recognise and reward you for enjoying Valorant”. Players can expect to find out the small print of this new feature during the Episode 3 Livestream.