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Player Cards: Later this month, Riot are going to be launching a replacement edition YR1 set of Player Cards. the primary are going to be available to redeem on the 9th, while the second are going to be during a Prime Gaming Drop on the 14th. The third and final are going to be a part of the YR1 Event Pass, below.

Community Battlepass: From the 13th to the 25th of June, players are going to be ready to vote for all kinds of unique items. These votes are going to be organised by global region. The top-voted items will appear during a special Community Battlepass in Valorant Episode 4. Episode 3 Livestream: At 10:00 AM PT on the 21st of June, Riot are going to be hosting a livestream featuring a panel of developers from the Agents, Competitive, and Premium Content teams. Account Levelling: On the 22nd of June, Valorant will; “add a replacement thanks to recognise and reward you for enjoying Valorant”. Players can expect to find out the small print of this new feature during the Episode 3 Livestream.

Squad Boosts: From the 22nd of June to the 26th of July, all players will enjoy a Squad Boost. this suggests that players will earn more XP than normal when twiddling with a celebration . Queuing as a pair will earn you +8% XP. A three-person team will earn +12% extra XP. Four players will get +16%, and eventually , Buy Valorant Account five players will earn a bonus +20%. YR1 Event Pass; From the 22nd of June to July 6th, all players will get free access to the Valorant YR1 Event Pass. This includes 7 event-exclusive levels of YR1 items which players can unlock by earning in-game XP. (Including the third Player Card, mentioned above). Fest: This music and humanities festival first happened in Valorant earlier this year. it'll be returning for the primary time on the 25th of June. Details on the artists who are going to be working at the festival are a secret until closer to the date.

New Agent: Riot has teased that a replacement Agent are going to be revealed during the YR1 month of celebration. However, the precise date of this reveal is unknown.In its next planned phase of expansion for Valorant, Riot Games has today announced that a mobile version of the free-to-play shooter is now within the works. The announcement made no mention of a release date, however, indicating that it might be a while before it launches. Since its launch on the 2nd of June, last year, Valorant has changed an excellent deal. Riot have added new playable Agents, new weapons, and unrolled a mess of balance patches and updates to fine-tune the sport . consistent with Executive Producer Anna Donlon; “One of our top goals this first year was to earn the trust and respect of the worldwide FPS community, and to convince them that Valorant will always uphold the basics of a very worthwhile competitive tac-shooter.”