2nd Grade News


We are working on…

1. Math:  This month second graders will learn all about Place Value to 1,ooo.  Students will be expected to identify, read and write numbers to 1,000 with accuracy. Exposure to Standard and Expanded Form will be learned and students will practice constructing models, draw on hundred-mats or construct models to accurately represent place value of any number up to 1,000. 

Fast Math: I am proud to see our students building fluency and mental strategies through fast math drill.

This month we are: Completing Addition 11’s and 12’s and beginning Subtraction with 0-1 and 2’s – 3’s.

2. Social Studies:  This month second grade will begin a new unit study about AFRICA.  Students will learn geographical locations, compare the differences from Greece to the places in Africa, and build onto their community awareness by becoming familiar with the animals of Africa.   



3. Reading:   Second graders will begin to explore the world of Poetry.  Students will be expected to describe how words and phrases rhyme, use alliteration, repetition, regular beats and supply text with rhythm and meaning in a story, poem or song.  Some of the authors we will look at include Shel Silverstein, Jack Prelutsky, Dr. Suess and more. 

4. Writing:   This month we will continue to work on writing as authors using Leo Lionni’s books as a model. Students will have the opportunity to begin publishing one selection from their writing.  Students are really enjoying the writing process, but editing has been the most challenging part thus far.  We will keep at it, though, just like real authors do!

5. Spelling:  Units 20 – 23 

How to make connections at home?

Reading:  Book Buddies are a part of weekly homework.  This month students should keep their Book Buddies filled with books from the NEW Monthly Author Study assignment. 

Remember, books can be read more than one time.  Some students choose to read the same book 3- 4 times! This is a great way to build fluency, vocabulary, intonation, and even to identify pictures they may have missed.  Please encourage your child to read to you from a book, story or poem they have practiced more than once!

Math: Home Activity-Create “Place Value Styrofoam Cups”

Kids will love this tool and it will help them visualize place value, practice counting forward and backward, learn names of large numbers and decompose from standard form to expanded form.

Responsibility: Encourage your children to take charge of their belongings. At this stage, children should remember to bring their passports and homework folders to school daily on their own.

Field Trip:  This month, Ms. Vanda’s class will have the opportunity to go on a class trip.  Parents from this homeroom will receive a letter with details.