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Welcome to 8A Math!  I am very glad you are here, and I am looking forward to a successful year.  Please, remember that I am here to help you, so don’t hesitate to ask questions of me!


Absence and make-up work policies are clearly stated in the FMS Student Handbook.  However, the student is responsible for inquiring about make-up work from his or her classmates and picking up any missed worksheets/handouts from the appropriate boxes in the classroom. Although students may make up missed work during excused absences, many of the unique experiences involved in class participation and activities cannot always be recreated. A fee of $10 will be charged for lost or damaged books.

Mrs. Anderson’s Classroom Behavioral Expectations:

  1. Be prompt!  Come to class quickly and quietly, sit in your assigned seat, and begin your daily warm up activities.  Once class has begun, you may not leave the classroom unless an emergency occurs.
  2. Be polite!  Talk only with permission; remain in assigned seat; refrain from chewing gum and eating candy; encourage one another; keep a positive attitude; respect yourself and the rights of others.  Do nothing to interfere with the learning of others.  Do nothing that will demean yourself or others.  Take care of all property and materials. 
  3. Be prepared!  Listen to and follow all directions. Bring all necessary materials, assignments, and agenda to class each day.
  4. Be participatory!  Participate in classroom discussions.  I WANT to hear what you have to contribute to class.  Please ask relevant questions.  If you have a question that does not pertain to the topic of discussion, please write it down and ask me at a more appropriate time.

Violations will be issued to those students who choose to break our classroom behavior expectations and hinder the learning of others.

 The following warning system will be enforced in our classroom: 

                        First Violation – Warning

                        Second Violation – Working lunch and phone call to parent

                        Third Violation – Team conference with the student and phone call to

                                                     the parent

                        Fourth Violation – Teacher detention and phone call to parent

                        Fifth Violation – On-team suspension and parent conference

                        Sixth Violation – Office referral