Mrs. D's Page

What we're working on in the classroom:




  •  We are discovering pitches in a melody may repeat
  • We are singing the "Hokey Pokey" and other songs that have beginnings and endings and moving to them to show the different parts of a song
  • We are singing spooky songs for fall and finding the ending and similar melodies
  • We are identifying that music has a tempo of fast or slow.
  • We are using our bodies to dramatize a musical story, the "Old Gray Cat" 
  • We are galloping long and short steps to "See The Pony Galloping" and changing our steps with the tempo.
First Grade
  • We are creating a four beat body percussion with friends to accompany a familiar song.
  • We are recognizing that music has dynamics, either loud or soft.
Second Grade
  • We are recognizing and repeating patterns that are the same against those that are different.
  • We are changing dynamics in a song from loud to soft.
  • We are exploring Orff instruments and identifying 'mi re do' on those instruments.
Third Grade
  • We are drawing the number of lines and spaces on a musical staff and placing notes in those spaces.
  • We are identifying the pattern 'mi re do' in a song and placing it on a musical staff.
Fourth Grade
  • We are listening to music in Zulu and finding the phrases the music expresses
  • We are playing percussion ostinatos along to a song in ABA form.
Fifth Grade/Sixth Grade
  • We are working to memorize our lines to Scene 1 of "ANNIE: JR."
  • We are working amongst our crews to collaborate ideas for the production of a wonderful musical.
  • We are identifying three part harmonies and staccato phrasing in "Maybe" and "Hard-Knock Life"