Mr. W's Page

What we're working on in the classroom:




  •  We are talking about the beginning and ending of a song. 
  • We are singing the "Hokey Pokey" and other songs that have beginnings and endings and moving to them to show the different parts of a song
  • We are talking about a steady beat in a song.
  • We are walking and comparing fast and slow beats to everyday movement and songs.
  • We are using our bodies to identify different beats in fun songs, such as "I Know An Old Lady". 
First Grade
  • We are exploring beat and identifying the building blocks of music: notes!
  • We are identifying equal beats as quarter notes in a game song.
Second Grade
  • We are comparing beat patterns and quarter note rhythms in music with games and everyday activities
  • We are jumping to the beat with hand patterns to show faster and slower steady beats.
Third Grade
  • We are creating our own beat patterns with quarter and eighth notes to show different tempos in music.
  • We are playing a steady beat on percussion instruments and bells underneath music to accompany a beat.
Fourth Grade