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Vansville Chorus

"We are the makers of music and we are the dreamers of dreams..."


We are proud to announce that two students from our Vansville Chorus have been accepted into the
Middle School Honors County Chorus!
Sarah Mathi and Aba Aggrey
from Mrs. McFadden's 6th Grade Homeroom will represent our school in a concert at the Kennedy Center 
this December
Vansville Chorus 2009-2010 Members
Lindsey McDonald
Shelby Groome
Chantia Blalock
Alana Mireyes
London Thomas
Efi Hernandez
Mbango Oma
Sarah Mathi
Henry Hernandez
Leah Durphy
Georgia Reitzel
Mackenzie Jackson
Genesis Moron
Ayanna Ezeagu
Elisabeth Hernandez
Jennifer Nguyen
Chelsea Okeke
Aba Aggrey
Mogisola Ogunbode
Maryam Eko


We are very happy to announce that Prince George's County has created a


for all elementary school choruses in January.

Students will perform three selections for judges and their peers at a host school and celebrate their accomplishments. 

Vansville Chorus will be attending this TBD event. 


Get 2 Months for $5!