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Welcome to EME 2040. In this class you will be learning about how to use instructional tools to support learning and assessment in the K-12 classroom. This site is an example for sharing with parents projects directions and assignments, and information about the events in a classroom.

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Fun Tools to Use for Teaching Online

  • Nearpod: A program allows the teacher to find and modify premade lessons, or to create their own lessons. Assessment tools are included. However, no rubric. Fil-in the blank, multiple choice and other quizzing feedback approaches are available.
  • SeeSaw: Create digital portfolios for students to share with families. Can provide instant feedback with audio on drafts to promote revising their work. Activities can be added to assist with learning. Can find and modify premade activities or create your own.  Uses a livestream feed to notify students of new assignments.
  • ClassDojo: An all-in-one communication tool for families. Advantage is that the tools translates into 30* languages! The application has classroom tools that allow the teacher to group students and see the activity directions as they work. It also has a Think-Pair Share option and other classroom tools.
  • Kahoot: An assessment tool only provides several gaming options that allow students to demonstrate the knowledge they have gained through the class activities.

Potential Learning Managment Systems

  • Schoology: Place for assignments, gradebook, and messaging.



Have Fun!
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