3rd Grade Supply List


3rd Grade Supplies: 

ð       1 backpack (please no rolling backpacks)

ð       2 boxes of crayons (24 count or less)

ð       6 pocket folders with tabs

     o       Red, green, blue, purple, yellow, and choice of color/design (for homework folder)

ð       3 spiral notebooks (wide lines, 74 page count)

ð       1 composition notebook (bound kind, any color)

ð       1 pack of wide lined notebook paper

ð       1 pair of pointed scissors (Fiskars are really great!)

ð       5 boxes/packs of pencils to share (the yellow pencils are better & cheaper!J)

ð       2 glue sticks

ð       1 large box of tissues for the class to share

ð       1 bottle of hand sanitizer for the class to share

ð       1 box of zip-lock quart and/or gallon sized bags

ð       1 three-ring binder with 1 inch rings (please no smaller or larger for storage reasons)

ð       5 dividers for binder (plain, cheap, paper ones that cost about $.50 to $1.00 J) 

Additional Notes:

  •         Please leave magic markers and pencil boxes at home.
  •         We will supply third grade tablet/cursive paper.