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When you, one of my students is absent it is your responsibility to find out what you missed on the day or days you were absent.  You do this by going onto my web site and looking through the posted assignments and asking me questions. I do accept late assignments and dock 20% from the points. If you were out of class for some reason I do not count the assignment as late IF you tell me on the assignment why it is late! Make a note with the reason the assignment is late;
  • for hardcopies put the note near your name
  • for emailed copies put the note in the subject line
  • for google classroom make the note in the comment section. 
If you don't let me know "the why" then I will consider it a late assignment and will dock the 20%!  Telling me verbally helps, but is not a gaurantee that I will remember when I'm grading, that is why written notes work best.
Back to School Night is Wednesday January 31st, 6:00 pm in the MP (cafeteria) Room. Students will receive 50 extra credit points for parent(s) who come that night and sign in OR if the parent emails me before Friday February 2nd.
1st 3 week of class students are learning to type without looking at the keyboard.  Full points for the lessons if this is accomplished and 1/2 points if they still have to look at the keyboard. Evaluation will be done during the 4th week of this semester. 
TYPING.COM:  Beginning & Intermediate lessons are due Friday Feb 2.  They need to be turned in before 1st period starts on Monday to be considered on time.  After 1st period starts lessons will be considered late and POINTS will be docked 20%.  
Advanced lessons are due Friday Feb 9th.  Students will need to work on these lessons on their own time. 

TestOut.com:  We will start using TestOut.com to learn about MS Word.  This program will be used along with our textbook.