Mrs. Cradit's Mastery Club

For Students Who Desire to Go "Above and Beyond!" 

This is a club where you can achieve "above and beyond" the normal classroom expectations. All you have to do is learn all about the topic on your own. So, you might want to head off to the library or just click on the links below.  Find the answers, write them down neatly, STUDY, and then come tell Mrs. Cradit the answers during your recess, lunch, or before or after school.  This means you really have to LEARN and remember the information!!! You can become a 1 star member, all the way up to an 80 star member! Learning never ends - thank goodness!

Once you have earned 25 stars, you will be entered into the Mastery Club Hall of Fame!!!

(That means your name will be on my wall for as long as I am teaching!)

 Social StudiesHere's a Website to Assist You in Your Research......
1.Name the four regions of California and their natural resources.California Regions Information
2.Name 4 of the major cities in the Gold Rush Era.Gold Rush!
3.Name the 7 continents. 

The 7 Continents

More about the Continents

4.Name 15 major world countries.Country Maps
5. Name 15 major world cities.World Cities by Population
6.Name 10 South American and Central American countries.South American Map

Central America Map

7.Name 10 countries bordering the Pacific Ocean.Country Maps
8.Name 10 counties in California.Yahoo! Directory
9.Name 10 countries in Africa.Africa Map Game
10.Name 10 countries in Europe.Europe Map Quizzes

Europe Map Game

11.Name 10 countries in Asia.Asia Map Game
12. Name 10 major bodies of water.World Atlas
13. Name 10 of the major rivers in the world and point them out on a map.Fact Monster: Principal Rivers of the World

Rivers of the World

14.Name the 50 states and their capitals.Homework Spot
15. Label the 50 states on a map.Map of the US
16.List the postal abbreviations for each of the 50 states.USPS Page
17. Name the state symbols of California.State Symbols & Emblems
18. Name 5 early explorers in California.History and Culture of CA
19.Name all 21 of the California Missions, and place them on a map.California Missions Map

Virtual Tour

20. Name the 1st-15th US Presidents in order.

Kids Konnect: Presidents

21.Name the 16th-30th US Presidents in order.

Kids Konnect: Presidents

22.Name the 31st-current US Presidents in order. 

Kids Konnect: Presidents

23. Name the 13 colonies.13 Colonies

13 Colonies Quiz

24. Name the 10 amendments, known as the Bill of Rights.America's Library
25. Name 10 major mountains or mountain ranges. Highest Peaks
26. Name 10 Native American tribes of California. Native American Tribes of CA
27. Name 8 Civil War battlefields.

 Civil War Battlefields 

Civil War Battlefields & Info

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MathHere's a Website to Assist You in Your Research......
28.Write the Roman Numerals up to 100.Roman Numerals
29.Draw the lines of symmetry for the capital letters in the alphabet.Capital Letters Symmetry
30.Write out the formula for the area of a square, rectangle, and triangle.  Then draw and compute the area for 4 different squares, 4 different rectangles, and 4 different triangles.

Area of a square, Area of a rectangle, Area of a triangle, List of Formulas

31.Name 5 famous Mathematicians.List of Mathematicians
32.Earn 100% in 4 minutes on the basic division facts quiz.

A+ Math Flashcards

33.Earn 100% in 4 minutes on the basic addition facts quiz.

A+ Math Flashcards

34.Earn 100% in 4 minutes on the basic subtraction facts quiz.

A+ Math Flashcards

35.Earn 100% in 4 minutes on the basic multiplication facts quiz.

A+ Math Flashcards

36.Draw and compute the perimeter for 10 different polygons. Perimeter of Polygons

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 ScienceHere's a Website to Assist You in Your Research......
37.Name 15 kinds of fish.Kids Konnect: Fish
38.Name 15 marine creatures.Kids Konnect: Aquariums
39.Name 15 types of birds.State Birds

Kids Konnect: Birds

40.Name 10 reptiles.


List of Reptiles

41.Name 10 dinsosaurs.Dinosaur Pictures

Kids Konnect: Dinosaurs

42.Name 10 amphibians.Yahooligans: Amphibians
43.Name 10 things magnets attract.

 Exploring Magnets

Kids Konnect: Magnets

44.Name 10 rocks or minerals.Kids Konnect: Rocks and Minerals

Rock Hounds

45.Name 10 organs in the human body.Tour of Human Body
46.Name 5 human body systems.Virtual Body
47.Name the colors of the rainbow in order.


Colors of the Rainbow

48. Name 15 mammals.All about Mammals
49.Name the order of the planets in our solar system.The 9 Planets
50.Draw a picture naming the stages of the water cycle.Enchanted Learning: Water Cycle
51.List 10 omnivores.Omnivores

What is an Omnivore?

52.List 10 herbivores.What is a Herbivore?
53.List 10 carnivoresCarnivores

All about Carnivores

54. Name 10 deciduous trees. What tree is it?
55. Name 10 chemicals and their chemical symbols.

Chemical Elements & their Symbols 

Periodic Table Game to Play

56. Name 10 constellations.


More Constellations

57. Name 8 types of clouds.

Cloud Types

More about clouds

58. Label the major bones of the skeleton.   Human Skeleton

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Language ArtsHere's a Website to Assist You in Your Research......
59.Name 10 common nouns, and 10 proper nouns.Nouns
60.Name 15 adjectives.Adjectives
61.Name 15 adverbs.


More about Adverbs

62.Name 15 prepositions.


Learn about Prepositions

More about Prepositions

63.Name 20 verbs.


More about verbs

64.Give 2 examples each of alliteration, personification, simile, metaphor, hyperbole and onomatopoeia.

AlliterationPersonificationSimile, More Simile ExamplesMetaphorHyperboleOnomatopoeia,  More Onomatopoeia

65.Name 10 famous authors.Kids Konnect: Authors
66.Count to 20 in Spanish.Count and Listen

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MiscellaneousHere's a Website to Assist You in Your Research......
67.Name the birthstones for each month.Birthstones
68.Name 15 breeds of cats.CFA Breeds
69.Name 12 winter or summer Olympic events.Kids Konnect:  Olympics
70.Name 10 major US corporations.Career Lab
71.Name 10 instruments in a marching band.Instruments
72.Name 10 instruments in a symphony orchestra.Sounds from the Orchestra
73.Name 10 football teams and their cities.NFL Teams
74. Name 10 basketball teams and their
75.Name 10 hockey teams and their
76.Name 10 baseball teams and their
77.Name 10 inventors and their inventions.Invent Now!
78.Name 20 breeds of dogs.Dog Breeds from the AKC
79.Name the Greek gods and what they were the god of.  (There are 15 of them!)Ancient Greece
80.Name 5 classical music composers and what country they were from.Composer Biographies


Have Fun Learning!Cool