Vasculyse treatment for spider veins

Spider veins can deter from the skin's healthy look and appearance. These veins cannot be controlled but fortunately, vein centers can treat them. They can be treated by a proven vein treatment method known as Vasculyse. For not only spider veins but also other skin conditions such as skin tags and cherry spots can be treated this treatment with safely and effectively. This treatment can be done on the face, arms, and legs which are the areas more prone to spider veins.



What Are Spider Veins?


They are red, blue, or purple vein-like lines under the skin layer that many men and women suffer from. A series of small veins or capillaries break out from a center point and resemble a "spider" and often form a mesh-like appearance. Spider veins, also called telangiectasias, can occur due to increased pressure on these tiny blood vessels. According to a vein doctor, they can be due to hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy and menstruation or develop from skin trauma, sun damage, and the natural aging process. Conditions such as rosacea can also contribute to their occurrence. Spider veins on the face are most common around the nose and cheeks. Spider veins on the legs can commonly develop over time and can be exacerbated by sitting or standing for long periods of time or from weight gain.


Causes of spider veins


Vein specialist says that they occur in the legs when the valves inside the veins stop working properly. The veins carry the blood to the heart. They contain a one-way valve that closes once the blood passes through it, to prevent the blood from flowing back.


The blood may struggle to flow in the correct direction if this valve becomes damaged or weakens and it can begin to pool inside the vein. Resulting in spider veins, this can cause a bulge in the vein that branches out, over time.


Sun damage or increased pressure can cause this to occur. They are often the result of tiny blood vessels bursting out on the face. You need to seek immediate spider vein treatment new york as soon as you notice this condition on your face.



Vasculyse Treatment


On the skin surface, very low levels of electric current are applied with a microneedle to the tiny veins or capillaries during Vasculyse spider vein treatment. This causes the distended capillaries to coagulate. The collapsed capillaries no longer fill with blood and are then absorbed by the body. In time there is the regeneration of new capillaries that are healthy. 


This greatly improves the appearance of the skin and the spider veins disappear. The process is quick and causes absolutely no pain. Treatment involves one to three sessions depending on the severity. Immediately after treatment, there is a minimal skin reaction, which disappears within no time. There is no recovery time involved and the treatment can be done as a lunchtime procedure in a vein center.


For spider veins, it is a safe, non-invasive, and highly effective procedure with no side effects. They are visibly reduced after treatment and the skin looks clear and healthy. The result of Vasculyse treatment is amazing and long-lasting, leaving healthy, clear skin.

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