Varicose vein treatment, causes, and symptoms

According to a survey in America, around 40-45% of men and 50-55% of women are diagnosed with varicose veins and spider veins. Over 50 years of age, every 1 out of 2 people have symptoms of venous disease. Some people seek vein treatment only for cosmetic reasons but venous disease is much more than just a cosmetic treatment. 


These venous diseases are very painful at some time and will itch also. But if you don’t seek a vein doctor immediately this will turn into skin ulcers which causes an extreme level of pain. People mostly relate vein problems with legs only but they can occur at any part of the body. Spider veins are such kind of enlarged veins that causes blood to flow in the reverse direction. They are pinkish, bluish, and purple in color. Read this full article to know the various causes, symptoms, and vein treatments


Symptoms of venous disease


Stage 1- According to vein doctor manhattan, there are no clear signs of the disease at this stage. But you may feel aches and heavy legs which might get worse during the night.


Stage 2- In this stage, spider veins and reticular veins may appear and you feel aches in your legs.


Stage 3- At this stage, skin gets discolored, ankle swelling, and varicose veins appear. 


Stage 4(i)- Due to the building of waste product in the leg, itchiness, redness, and dryness of skin gets started.


Stage 4(ii)- Vein specialist manhattan says that cramps may develop at this stage when you tend to stand up or straight your legs after hours of sitting.


Stage 5- Lipodermatosclerosis is a kind of venous disease in which skin color changes and cramps started occurring.


Stage 6- When you reach this stage,  your legs started bleeding and it takes more time to heal than usual. The skin started to shrink.


Stage 7- This is the most severe stage. You have to seek immediate varicose vein treatment as ulcers become active, restless legs syndrome develops too. 


Causes of varicose veins


There are several factors that cause varicose veins. Your body weight in combination with gravity can also be a valid cause to develop varicose veins. Because these veins are designed with a special type of valves that allows blood to flow in only one direction. Due to varicose veins, these valves become weak and blood starts to flow in the reverse direction. This causes veins to swell and results in various venous diseases.


Treatment method of veins


There are several methods of vein treatments like non-invasive treatment methods, non-surgical treatment methods, and surgical treatment methods. 


Non-invasive treatment methods


There are several conservative methods available for treating varicose veins. One of the first methods that varicose vein treatment manhattan will give is to treat with medical prescription. These are anti-inflammatory medications that sometimes do help in treatment. 


The other method is to wear compression stockings, which helps in preventing the reverse blood flow in the veins of the legs. You can do some regular exercises to lower the risk factor of venous disease.


Non-surgical treatment methods


If above mentioned conservative methods are not effective then spider vein treatment manhattan will move on to the other options. Before going for the option of varicose vein surgery there are other options that your vein doctor might want to try. These treatment methods are performed by specialists called Phlebologists or plastic surgeons. These methods are:

Endovenous thermal ablation



Surgical treatment methods


The surgical methods are depending on the severity of your venous disease conditions. Some of the surgical procedures are minimally invasive and outpatient surgical procedures. These are:

Ambulatory Phlebectomy

Vein ligation

Vein stripping

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