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Point of view and Literary text Webquest


Compare and Contrast Literary Texts

Point of View

For this project, you will read Autobiography of Theodor Roosevelt, The Giver by Louis Lowry, and Why the Diver Duck has so Few Tail Feathers by Aesop.  You will analyze the point of view for each narrative to compare and contrast the texts.


1. In a new tab, open the link : [mp3@64kbps - 11.0MB] which is an autobiography of Teddy Roosevelt read aloud on

2. Listen to the text. Use your notes and knowledge of genreand point of view to fill out the appropriate answer column on your answer document.

3. Now, in a new tab, open the link : which is a link to some exerpts from The Giver.

4. Read the exerpt from pages 8-9 to fill out the middle column of the table on your answer document.

5. Click the link: [mp3@64kbps - 1.8MB]  in order to hear Aesop's Why the Diver Duck has so Few Tail Feathers.

6. Complete the final column of the table.

Now you have read or listened to three different texts. Look back at your completed table to notice similarities and differences between the texts.

7.  Complete theVenn Diagram on your answer document to compare and contrast the texts. Include at least two entries per bubble.

8. Choose one the stories that you have heard or read. You will now re-write your story in 6 pages, but it will be from a different character's point of view. Example- "Why the Diver Duck has so Few Tail Feathers" may be retold form the point of view of the Diver Duck, and may sound very diferent.

Complete the story map on your answer document by jotting down 5 pages worth of narrative. Remember to narrate the story from a point of view OTHER THAN the one it was ORIGINALLY NARRATED from.

9. Click the link: Stapleless Book to create a stapleless book from your story map. follow the instructions on the site and refer to Vella's exanple ofr help.

10. Follow the directions to fold your book, and you have completed your webquest.

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