Themed Units

Our Themes 

Our curriculum is divided into 5 nine-week units that discuss vocabulary and concepts closely related to the child's life. Each unit is separated into mini units further exploring vocabulary ideas.  Each child's individual goals are incorporated into our daily and themed activities.

 My School          This is our first unit and we will be exploring our classroom and the school as a whole.  We will learn about our new friends, how to use our school materials, and the people that work in our school.                       
 My Self This unit is exploring all things dealing with the child.  We will explore ideas such as my body, my emotions, my clothing, and my five senses.
 My Home The third unit will examine different rooms/materials inside each child's home, different kinds of homes, and different families that live in these homes.
 My Community This is the fourth unit and it gives the students a chance to examine the world outside of their home and school.  We will look at different community helpers and different places such as the library, hospital, park, zoo, and the farm.  This gives the children to explore their world around them.
 My Summer This unit is designed to preview and review summer activities as we leave and come back from summer vacation.