Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

 Free Choice/Independent Work (7:30-7:45): As students arrive they will have to complete their independent work and then they may choose an activity to do.

Morning Greeting(7:50-8:00):  Students sit in circle time and we sing and say hello to our classmates.

Centers 1(8:00-8:45):  Students rotate through three centers each ten minutes.  They will be doing       various activities each day that include math, fine motor, language, blocks/dramatic play, and computer.

Dance(8:45-9:00):  Students have an opportunity to take a break and release some energy through dance and movement.

Circle(9:00-9:15):  Here we do our daily calendar, weather, pledge, and how we got to school.


Special Class(9:30-10:00):  This time does vary from day to day.  We attend art, music, library, and guidance as a class.

Gym (10:00-10:25):  We go to the gym each day.  If the weather is nice we will go to the playground instead.

Lunch (10:25-10:50)

 Bathroom/Brush Teeth (10:50-11:00):  Students may bring a toothbrush and toothpaste if you would like us to practice this skill. 

Centers 2  (11:00-11:45):  Students will rotate through three centers each ten minutes.  They include story, art, and dramatic play/sand and water.

  Music (11:45-12:00):  Students choose a song to sing and we sing several songs as a group.Rest (12:00-1:00):  Students must lie down for a while and relax.

Snack/Leisure/Independent work (1:00-1:20):  As students wake up they will rotate through three areas.  They will have their snack and then they will do their independent work if they didn't do any in the morning.  When finished, they have time to choose a fun activity.

Closing Grp (1:20-1:30):  We wrap up the day together and review the schedule and discuss the day's events.