Class Syllabus

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World History: Medieval and Early Modern Times            McDougal Littell

Science: Focus on Life Sciences                                        McDougal Littell



Organization is the key to success in 7th grade!  Students need to be prepared to work every day.  This means

·        Have proper materials:  3-ring binder, student agenda, lined paper, 2 sharpened pencils, 2 pens (red ink and black ink)

·        Agenda filled out:  class time is given every Monday to fill in the agenda for the entire week.

·        Assignments should be completed on time.  Late work is not accepted without a note from parents with legitimate excuse.



·        BE RESPECTFUL - no disruptive behavior -  no putting others down; be honest (no lying - no stealing - no cheating); stay on task - work well with others

·        BE ON TIME - Be seated and prepared to work when the bell rings.


Failure to follow the classroom and school rules will result in a "Bad Mark" documented in my records.  Any behavior that results in the interruption or disruption to the educational process will result in a bad mark.  The consequences are listed below.



1st Bad Mark = documentation of problem sent home for parent signature;

     "S" in citizenship

2nd Bad Mark = written assignment concerning problem signed by parent;

     "N" in citizenship

3rd Bad Mark = conference with parent/guardian; "U" in citizenship

4th Bad Mark = referral to the office for discipline and class suspension


Substitutes and Guests: Students are expected to be courteous and show respect for all classroom visitors.  Being disrespectful or uncooperative to a sub or guest will result in the usual consequence, and a day of writing a letter of apology.




·        I use the following scale for grading:

Classwork = 10%

Homework = 10%

Tests = 40%

Quizzes = 20%

Participation = 5%

Projects = 15%

·        Late work is not accepted without a note from parents with a legitimate excuse.

·        The tests and quizzes will be based on the information covered in class and in the textbook.

·        Any cheating on a test, talking during a test, or plagiarism on a report will result in a "0" for the assignment.

·        The student must have first and last name on each assignment or no credit can or will be given.


Make up work:

·        Students are responsible for making up any work missed due to an absence.

·        Students are responsible for making up tests and quizzes missed due to an absence or extracurricular activity.  Students must schedule a time with the teacher to test.

·        Students are responsible for turning in assignments that were collected during the days they were absent the day they return.


Extra Credit:

·        Students must do the work that is assigned and turn it in.  Extra credit will not be given in lieu of work that was not done to begin with.



Thank you,



Miss Heather Vento