Professional Teaching Portfolio Outline

Teaching Resume and Statements


Professional Dispositions Statement


As a teacher, it is important to maintain professional dispositions throughout your career. My professional disposition statement is, have compassion, be honest, be dependable, treat every student with respect, and know that every child learns differently. Every student can be taught, you just have to know how that student learns, and it’s very important to get to know every child on the first week of class. I will always show compassion to a child, because you never know where the child is coming from. They could be coming from an abusive home or be neglected, and all that child needs is compassion at a place other than home. Be honest and dependable to your students, if you don’t know something say so and always be there for them and assure them they can always come to you in need. Treating each child with respect shows them they have worth and value and that you respect all aspects of them including their culture and/or religious beliefs. According to many teachers, “Every child is an individual, with special social, emotional, intellectual, and physical qualities.” (UNICEF, n.d). You don’t have to prepare 20 different lessons but get to know each child’s learning abilities and adjust activities to reflect their needs. I strongly agreed to the dispositions on my assessment and understand that my personal dispositions are supported by my responses given above.

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