Rules, Consequences, and Rewards




Classroom Rules:                                                                                                                 

  1. We create friendships!
  2. We respect ourselves and others!
  3. We share!
  4. We are kind!
  5. We do our best!
  6. We make good choices!
  7. We have fun!




Reward system:

  1. Classroom cash: “Sunny bucks” $1.00 for every good choice and following all 5 rules per day. Every Friday they could use their sunny bucks for rewards and prizes.
  2. Whole Classroom reward: Pizza party at the end of the month for every week with no consequences.
  3. Monthly rewards:
    Lunch with the teacher
    Lunch with the principal
    Work at teacher’s desk
    Extra recess time
    Lunchroom helper
    Sitting with a friend
    Free time on the computer



  1. First warning: note home
  2. Second warning: call home
  3. Third warning: no recess
  4. Anything beyond 4 warnings is a parent meeting.