Mixed Chorus Syllabus

West Hancock High School Chorus


Alex A. Verburg

Choral Director


Introductory Letter

Welcome to the West Hancock choral program!  It is great to have all of you in choir this year.  When you choose this elective, you chose to become part of a choral tradition dating back more than 50 years.  This is an ensemble which pursues the goal of musical excellence and tradition; and I am excited to become part of that tradition.  I have no doubt this will be a fantastic year, full of many exciting opportunities and experiences.  I know that together we can continue the tradition of choral excellence. 

Alex Verburg, Director
641-843-3863 ext. 331 


Chorus members will:

  • Develop musical competencies: sight-singing, music theory, solfege, correct vocal technique
  • Explore music from a historical perspective through the study of choral repertoire from various periods.  Students will, at some time, study text in languages other than english
  • Successfully perform repertoire for the school and community
  • Develop each of their vocal abilities to the fullest potential

Rehearsal & Attendance Policy 

All rehearsals and concerts of the West Hancock High School Chorus are mandatory. Chorus attendance and tardiness is addressed by using the West Hancock Handbook.   

Weekly Grades

Each student is graded weekly by a rehearsal rubric.  Students can earn 10 points per week by meeting criteria on the rehearsal rubric. 

Yearly Grades

Students will be assessed throughout the year through various means.  Informal assessments will not count toward a grade.  Formal assessments will count toward the grade as follows:

  • Weekly grade~10%
  • Concert and concert attendance~30%   
  • Formal Assessments~25%   
  • Semester Test~20%
  • Voice lessons~15%   *If you are in both mixed chorus and Girl’s Glee then lessons will count for both ensembles. 

Classroom Expectations

9.     I allow students to remain in my classroom as long as they do not cause a problem for anyone else.

10.  If they cause a problem, I will ask them to fix it.

11.  If they can't or will not fix it, I will do something.

12.  What I do will depend on the unique situation.


Thursday, October 28, 7:00 ~ 7-12 Music Concert (required)

Thursday, November 11, 2:15 ~ Veteran’s Day Program (required)

Tuesday, December 21, 7:00 ~ HS Winter Concert (required)

Thursday, March 17, 7:00 ~ Coffee House Concert (required)

Thursday, April 14, 7:30 ~ HS Spring Concert (required)

Sunday, May 22 Commencement, 2:00 (required)

*Concert attendance is very important for the success of the entire group.  Missing a concert for an unexcused reason will drop your grade to a maximum of a C.  Missing more than one concert could result in dismissal from the ensemble. 

*The only excused absences will be:

*Family Emergency or extreme illness.  If you have a legitimate reason for missing a concert I will give opportunities to make up some of the points. 

Concert Dress

Concert dress for formal concerts will be robes.  Any other less formal concert or program will be dress clothes that adhere to the school dress code policy.  Specifics will be discussed in class.     


Students are fortunate to be able to take weekly voice lessons.  Each week Mr. Verburg will put up a schedule of free time during the afternoon, and students will be expected to find a time to sign up for a lesson.  Lessons will last about 15 minutes and 3 to 4 people at a time can sign up.  Individual lessons are also welcomed. 

Students will be expected to attend 2 lessons per semester.  Lessons are graded and will count for 15% of your final grade.

One lesson per week maximum will be allowed.  Importance of this will be talked about during class. 


I am exited to get the year going, and hope that you are too.  Keep this syllabus in your folder at all times as we will be referencing it throughout the year.

I welcome communication and believe that it is a very important part of a successful group.  Please feel free to come to me or contact me with any questions you might have, and let’s have a great year!!