Dr. Shari Valencic

Welcome to V.E.S.' 5th grade gifted program's language arts and social studies classes, taught by Dr. Shari Valencic, a.k.a. Dr. VU.  This page will contain beginning-year "nuts and bolts" information, as well as weekly updates on all the doings in VUtopia.

 V.E.S.' "Meet Your Teacher" Open House -- Friday, August 21st, 12 noon to 2 p.m. -- Visit me in room 218, 2nd floor, blue hall. You may bring your class supplies if you have them!

2009-2010 School Year Subject Overview

Language Arts -- Language Arts instruction will include 6th grade reading, writing, and spelling curriculum objectives, skills, and textbooks.  Each subject is graded separately on the 5th grade report card, with writing listed as the "language arts" grade. Students will spend time daily in Dr. VU's room for language arts instruction. Please consult the school district's 6th grade language arts curriculum for specific objectives that will be covered during the year. This can be found on the district's website at http://www.sarasota.k12.fl.us.  Aligning V.E.S.' 5th grade gifted language arts instruction with advanced 6th grade objectives and expectations provides students with an equitable experience to the district's other fulltime 5th grade gifted programs, including that at Pine View School.

Social Studies -- Social studies instruction will include 5th grade social studies curriculum objectives and textbooks. As participants in the gifted program, students are expected, however, to demonstrate advanced skills and work habits in this subject area.

Homework Program

Language Arts