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Pneumatic Fingers


1. The jaw part adopts powder metallurgy technology, it is not easy to break, it has high toughness and high strength.

2. The high rigidity and precision linear guide rail is used in the integral structuredesign.

3. The bottom of the linear guide rail with a positioning pin to prevent the track and the body offset.

4. Open and close stroke has a standard type and long stroke type.


Pneumatic SDA Series Cylinder




1. Improving for adapting wide range applications, using precise polishing of piston rod, more sense of products quality and longer life of front seal.

2. Adjust the structure to the optimal state, and ensure the smooth operation of the product.

3. The piston rod and the back cover cramping technology, improving product quality.

4. Combined with enterprise color planning, it is redesigned by new color system and precise treatment of particulars.