Weekly Newsletter

This Week in Mrs. Freeland's Class

Grade 2, Week 2



Day 6: P.E. Day 1: Music Day 2: P.E. Day 3: Art Day 4: Music   

Important Dates

8/29 Curriculum Night, 2nd grade is 6:15-7:00

9/3 Labor Day, no school

9/7 Spirit Day

9/12 Picture Day 


Every week the students will be tested on 30 new words and 10 review words.  Every Thursday we have a pretest.  Those that get 100% on the pretest will not have to take the test on Friday.  Every week we have a 30 phonogram quiz.  On the first Friday of the month we will have a 70 phonogram test.   

Reading/Book Reports

We will read The Bundle of Sticks. On Thursday, we will do a reading and vocabulary test.  Please go over the vocabulary words with your child.  


We will work on good sentence writing and sentence types in addtion to plural nouns, and present and past-tense verbs.  I will model paragraph writing since I did not get to it this week.    



We will work on measuring to the nearest inch, congurant line segments, measuring the length and width of rectangles, ordering two-digit numbers and even and odd numbers.  On Friday we will have our first math test.  Please remember to look over your child's math homework to see if you or I need to go over any concepts.  This can make a big difference on the test. 


We will continue our unit on plants.  If things work out, we may have a guest speaker about carnivorous plants on Friday.  If Friday doesn't work out I will try to schedule him for a later date.       

Social Studies

The second-grade team is still learning about the new social studies curriculum so we are postponing the start of the first unit until further notice.  


Please mark your calendars for Curriculum Night.  I share so much important information that night and I would love to see you all there (at least one representative per family).

Remember to make arrangements for you children for Curriculum Night since children are not allowed at this event.  This is a school-wide policy.

Please start writing down all the 50+ page chapter books on your child's reading log as soon as possible.