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I am at the kitchen counter making a salad when there is a knock on the back door. Rose from the across the way comes in.

"Is the power out here too?"

"Yes, about an hour ago, it's starting to warm up."

"OK if I hang out here for a while? My parents are gone and I'm all alone in the house."

"Sure, I was just going to open a bottle of wine, want some?"

I notice Rose take a peek at my crotch. She's been doing that since I made that slightly inappropriate comment at her 18th birthday party. Fair enough, I suppose, I've been sneaking peeks at her boobs and bum, both of which have filled out in the last year.

We take our wine out onto the back porch and chat about her first year at university.

"I'm planning to major in chemical engineering. I aced my calculus class this year. I had this great professor, she is a real rock star, always available in office hours, really wants her students to succeed."

"That's great, so many students run into a roadblock in calculus. How's the social life? I hear it's bit of a partying school."

"Oh yeah, those chemical engineers you know, they are really into, um, cocktails. And cocks and tails, for that matter."

Rose reddens and giggles at her joke. I pour another glass of wine. She looks at me, blushing and bold.

"You know that comment you made at my party about reaching the age of consent? Well, I've been consenting a lot in the last year."

"Has it been fun?"

"Mostly, although the social politics can be complicated and unpleasant sometimes. Sometimes I wish it could just be, like, 'want to fuck?' and then we fuck and are happy afterwards."

She looks at me to gage my reaction to her saying the word "fuck." Something in my face apparently reassures her, or perhaps emboldens her, I can't tell which.

"You know how I used to come over and skinny dip in your pool when I was a kid? I wish sex could be like that. I wish it could be like two kids on the playground planning their recess. 'Hey, let's hang upside down on the swings,' and then they do it and its fun and feel good afterwards. Or maybe it's not fun and they decide they don't want do that again, and they try something else. I wish it could be 'Hey, let's try fucking this way.' "

Suddenly there is a change in the air, a charge of electricity, a crackle of sexual awareness between us. Rose takes a gulp of wine, stands up with a serious little smile and looks me brightly in the eye.

"Like, right now I want to skinny dip in your pool."

She takes off her clothes and skips down the stairs. She turns, naked, hand on hip, head cocked with a taunting grin and raised eyebrow.


I resist the obvious retort. I hesitate, hands hovering on my shorts, wondering if my swelling cock will be too visible. Then, what the hell, I strip off too and join her, splashing in the pool, watching her lithe body, ripe breasts, swelling ass, and, surprisingly, a hairy pussy.

Sitting on the steps afterwards, I comment on that.

"I thought all the girls shaved down there these days."


"Mostly. I prefer the natural look. So do the some of the boys. And I can see you do too."

"I do."

"Can I touch that? It's pretty nice."

"Sure, go ahead."

She reaches out and strokes my hardening cock.

"Do you mind if I practice sucking it? Can you give me some tips? Most of the boys come so fast I don't really get a chance to experiment."

"Please do. Oh yes, that's good. You could concentrate a bit more on the tip, the part just under the head, yes, there. Ohh. A bit more tongue there, the rough part, oh god that's good. Now try taking it deep."

She gags and pulls away.

"Haven't figured out how to do that yet."

"I know a position that helps, it's sort of like hanging upside down on the swings, want to try?"

In the bedroom I instruct her to lie down on her back, with her head hanging over the edge, mouth open, and ease my cock in, pushing in slowly. I can see the bulge in her throat as my cock enters it.

"Put your hands on my thighs and control me, push out when you need to."

I push in again, this time bending over and parting her legs to lick her sweet wet hairy cunt. She groans around my cock and I push it back in, a little further this time, burying my nose in the salty tang of her labia while I lick her hard spongy clitoris, like a little cock just under the skin. She takes it in all the way, then gags the second time and pushes me off, eyes watering.

"I think that's enough for now. But I'm getting the hang of it, aren't I?"

"You were awesome."

"I'm surprised you didn't come."

"At my age it takes a long time."

"Do you mind not coming?"

"Not really, it means I get to play for longer. And then when I do come it's a lovely bonus."

We go back out to the kitchen, naked, and I continue preparing the salad. I hold up a cucumber.

"Should I put this in?"

"I love putting a cucumber in."

We laugh, her breasts jiggling.

"What else would you like to try. Have you played with your asshole at all?"

"Some of the boys have tried to get in there. I was game, but it hurt. I don't think they know what they are doing."

"Here, let's try something."

I get some lube, then stand at her side and reach around with both hands, one gently touching her bulging clit, the other reaching in between her soft cheeks and fingering her hole.

"Aaah. Nice. Yes."

I push a thumb in her asshole and a finger in her cunt, feeling the thin membrane between.

"Oh, that's good. I think it would be even better if you put your cock in me."

"Which hole, the asshole or the cunt hole."

"Ooh, that word. When the boys use it it's a term of abuse."

"Pity, it's a simple word for a beautiful thing."

"Do you want me to say it?"

"Yes, it makes me hard."

She puts her hand on my cock and says, "Cunt, cunt, cunt. Fuck my cunt. Oh my, yes it does, I didn't think you could get any harder. Let's put that in the cunt hole for now. But I want your finger in the other hole."

She leans against the kitchen counter, pushing her ass back. I part her hairy folds and press into the valley between, finding the tight entrance. My cock fills her all the way, sheathed in her hot, wet flesh.

"Oh god yes. Put your finger in my asshole. Oh fuck that's good. Your cock in my cunt hole and your finger in my asshole."

She moans as I start a rhythmic pounding, grunting each time I bottom out. I introduce a second finger into her asshole. It squeezes around me every time I sink my cock into her.

"Is that OK?"

"Yes. Weird, but OK. Oh it's so fucking dirty. You've got your finger in my naughty hole. I think I want your cock in there now."

I pull out, add more lube to her asshole, slather some on my cock, and then begin to press gently, the mushroom head of my cock sinking between her round fleshy ass cheeks, pushing in to the pulsing crinkle of her sweet asshole. It slips past the ring and I am in. I pause.

"Yes. Yes. That's good. Hold on. OK, push in harder now."

I push all the way in, marveling at the sight of my rigid veined pole sliding in between her cheeks. I reach around to finger her clitoris.

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"Oh god, you are fucking me in my naughty place. Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh, I like you in that hole. I like you in both holes. I want you in both holes at the same time."

"That would be a good trick."

She looks wildly around and grabs the cucumber, pushes my fingers out of the way and shoves it into her cunt.

"Oh yes, two cocks, cunt hole, ass hole, fucking big."

I start pounding hard and fast now, rising to a boil. She enters another world of rhythmic groaning, her legs beginning to shake as my come starts to boil up in me. I reach the peak as she lets out a huge grunt and I erupt into her ass, strong squirts emptying me as her ring squeezes. Panting, she rests her head on the counter, then looks around, smiling.

"Made you come."

"Me too you."

"I hope it's not too messy back there."

"Nope, looks clean."

"Good, I tried to make sure of that before I came over."

"You mean . . .?"

"Oh yes. I've been wanting this for a long time. Thank god for the power outage."