Our High School

Luhansk regional medico-biological lyceum is located on the third floor of Block 1 of Luhansk State Medical University, Ukraine. The lyceum has eight classrooms at its disposal: Ukrainian, mathematics, English, chemistry, biology, physics, computer science, and history.

The first lesson at the lyceum was held on April 2, 1994. This day is celebrated every year as our Lyceum Day.

The lyceum students came from different towns and villages of Luhansk region. They passed successfully two written entrance exams: in biology and in Ukrainian and had a talk with the lyceum psychologist. Half of the students (60) live in the university students' dormitory where they occupy rooms on the ninth floor. The lyceum is a boarding school. The students have their meals at the university canteen.

At present there are five grades with the total number of students -135. The main task of the lyceum is to give the students necessary knowledge and practical skills for entering the medical university. The main subjects are biology and chemistry. The students have four lessons of each of these subjects a week. Besides, they have optional courses: in biology, chemistry, Ukrainian and physics. Every day the students have seven or eight lessons. The university lecturers teach several subjects at the lyceum.

At presen I teach English to five groups of students and German - to one group of students.