Ms. Allen's Classroom Website


Hey, y’all!  My name is Victoria Allen.  This is my fifth year of teaching elementary education.  I have taught kindergarten, first grade, and currently second grade.  I am currently going back to school to obtain my Masters of Special Education K-6.  I got my undergrad degree in Elementary Education from Mississippi State University.  Hail State!  I am a 29 -year-old female currently living in Long Beach, Mississippi and teaching in Gulfport, Mississippi.  I was raised in Corinth, Ms.  I am a Christian and enjoy going to church.  My days are spent teaching and caring for my disabled mother.  I am an only child who loves God, teaching, and anything and everything Mississippi State!  My teaching philosphiy is to teach every student, no matter what his or her needs are.  I believe diversity is what makes us, “us”.  It includes age, race, socioeconomic status, gender, religion, and beliefs.  Every adult, child, and teen is different.  They have different triggers and react in different ways.  I currently work in a Title school, and every day I see students struggle with expressing themselves and coping with everyday life.  These types of students are the main reason why I teach, and I would not choose to do anything else with my life.