Professional Development

     Well, I have had a Twitter account since October 2012, but I hardly used it.  I would occasionally log on just to check in with Mississippi State football players and former players.  I have never been a huge fan of twitter.  If I remember correctly, the only reason I created an account was so I could vote for a Mississippi State football player to receive the most fan votes.  Completing the Twitter assignment for ED 505 helped me become more comfortable with Twitter, but I still do not see myself using it any more than I already was.  I am more of a Facebook girl because it is easier to keep up with my family and educational blogs and pages that way.  I do not think my school has a Twitter page, but I know the school has a Facebook page and a district Facebook page.

      Since my school is closed due to the Cornavirus pandemic, I am trying to teach via distance learning.  It is not going too well because most of my students do not have access to a computer, tablet, or internet.  I teach in a Title 1 school, which means it is a low income area.  My school puts out buckets outside of the school each week for students and parents to come by and pick up work at home packets to continue their studies.  The school has recently put out old textbooks no longer used to give students more resources.  My school also has an on-line reading website called Lexia, but again most of my students cannot get on because they need a computer, but only have a tablet.  There is a lot of trial and error going on and it is super frustrating for us all, but we all understand the decisions made.

      When completing the Twitter assignment, I found two educational pages that I enjoyed getting information from.  The first Twitter page I found beneficial was Edutopia.  I enjoyed looking at and reading Edutopia twitter page because I enjoy reading most of their articles.  The neat thing about their twitter page is that they posted a snip it of an article or the title of an article and I could decided if it was something I wanted to read more about or to just keep scrolling.  For one of the weekly retweets, I tweeted an Edutopia article about 22 books for students from pre-k through 12th grade reflect human diversity in the broadest sense.  In education, understanding and accepting diversity is very important.  I believe as teachers, if we do not do this, then our careers will be long and hard.  I am not saying everyone has to agree, but we need to learn how to agree to disagree and accept other’s opinions.  Another Twitter page I found beneficial was Mississippi Professional Educators page because I live and teach in the state of Mississippi and this page is great to keep me informed on educational things happening in the state and with the state’s educational process.  Their twitter page has very informative articles, important legislation, and teacher resources to help me with my career.  This page is good about telling the good, the bad and the ugly and letting teachers be informed to make their own decisions about what is happening in the educational world today.




  1. Ability to identify and evaluate technology resources and technical assistance (i.e., those available on-line and on-site within a school and district setting).
  2. Ability to assess the advantages and limitations of current and emerging technologies, on-line resources and software to facilitate teaching and student learning.
  3. Ability to engage in professional growth and leadership activities, including modeling lifelong learning by participating in face to face and online learning communities to continuously improve professional practice using existing and emerging digital tools, resources, and current research that focuses on improved student learning, as well as promotes professional development of other educators.