1st Grade

Skills list for "Always" rubric:

1.4.1  Discuss ideas and select a focus for group stories and other writing

1.4.2   Use various organizational strategies to plan writing.

1.4.4   Begin asking questions to guide topic selection and ask how and why questions about a topic of interest.

1.4.5   Identify a variety of sources of information and document the sources (titles).

1.4.6   Organize and classify information by constructing categories on the basis of observation.

1.4.3   Revise writing for others to read.

1.5.5   Write for different purposes and to a specific audience.

1.5.4   Use descriptive words when writing.

1.5.1   Write brief narratives describing an experience.

1.5.2   Write brief expository descriptions of a real object, person place, or event using sensory details.

1.6.1   Print legibly and space letters, words, and sentences appropriately.

1.6.2   Write in complete sentences.

1.6.3   Identify and correctly use singular and plural nouns.

1.6.4   Identify and correctly write contractions.

1.6.5   Identify and correctly write possessive nouns.

1.6.6   Correctly use periods, question marks, and exclamation points at the end of sentences.

1.6.7   Capitalize the first word of a sentence, the names of people, and the pronoun I.

1.6.8   Spell correctly three and four letter words and grade level appropriate sight words.