2nd Grade

Skills list for "Always..." rubric:

2.4.1  Create a list of ideas for writing

2.4.2   Organize related ideas together to maintain a consistent focus.

2.4.3   Find ideas for writing stories and descriptions in pictures or books.

2.4.4   Understand the purposes of various reference materials

2.4.5   Use a computer to draft revise and publish writing.

2.4.6   Review, evaluate, and revise writing for meaning and clarity. 

2.4.8   Revise original drafts to improve sequence or to provide more descriptive detail.

2.4.7    Proofread one’s own writing, as well as that of others, using an editing checklist or list of rules.

2.5.6   Write for different purposes and to a specific audience.

2.5.5   Use descriptive words when writing.

5.5.1   Write narratives that establish a plot, point of view, setting, and conflict. Also, shows, rather than tells, the events of a story.

2.5.2   Write a brief expository of a familiar object, person, place or event that develops the main idea and uses detail to support the main idea.

2.5.7   Write responses to literature that demonstrate an understanding of what is read, and support statements with evidence from the text.

2.5.3   Write a friendly letter complete with the date, salutation, body, closing, and signature.

2.5.8   Write or deliver a research report that has been developed using a systematic research process, uses a variety of sources, documents sources, and organizes information by categorizing it into more than one category.

2.6.1   Form letters correctly and space words and sentences properly so writing can be read easily by another person.

2.6.2   Distinguish between complete and incomplete sentences.

2.6.3   Use the correct word order in sentences.

2.6.4   Identify and correctly write various parts of speech, including nouns and verbs.

2.6.5   Use commas in the greeting and closure of letters, with dates, and items in a series.

2.6.6   Use quotation marks correctly to show someone is speaking.

2.6.7   Capitalize all proper nouns, words at the beginning of sentences, greetings, months, days of the week, titles, and initials. 

2.6.8   Spell correctly frequently used words which do not fit regular spelling patterns.

2.6.9   Spell correctly words with short and long vowel sounds, r-controlled vowels, and consonant blend patterns.