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What are different Types of stainless steel?


Since stainless steel is harder and tougher than iron (mild steel), the power of the machine and the hardness of the blade are required for processing such as cutting, shaping, and bending. In addition to the high material cost compared to iron, the reason why stainless steel products are expensive is largely due to the difficulty of this processing.

Below, here are typically stainless steel types.


1-1. SUS304


SUS304: This content may be expressed as 18-8 stainless steel. It has good corrosion resistance and heat resistance and is most commonly used. In addition, various shapes such as plates, pipes, angles, and round bars are made and easily available. Corrosion occurs in environments with strong chlorine and acid. Corrosion cracking may also occur where it is affected by the heat of welding. As a guide, the heat resistant temperature is 500 to 600 ° C.


1-2. SUS316


SUS316: A steel grade based on SUS304 with an increased amount of Ni and 2 to 3% molybdenum added. The addition of Mo improves acid resistance and heat resistance. It is used when A193 B8 Bolts is inferior in durability and corrosion resistance in an environment where chemicals, seawater, etc. are handled.


Austenitic steels such as SUS304 and SUS316 cannot be hardened (hardened by heat treatment), so they cannot be used for applications that require quenching. Stainless steel for quenching is a martensite steel grade. Stainless steel flanges manufacturers in India provide you the high-quality stainless steel.



1-3. SUS430


SUS430: Compared to SUS304, it is inferior in corrosion resistance, but because it is inexpensive, it is often used in kitchen supplies and household goods. There is almost no problem if the environment is such that it is used around water, such as at home. It may be interesting to try out whether stainless steel products in the home can be attached to magnets. The advantage is that the coefficient of thermal expansion is small. carbon steel pipe fittings manufacturers in India are the best manufactures of steel in overall India.


As a measure against stress corrosion cracking in the SUS304 system, stainless steel roofs, water heaters, and the like are often made of steel (SUS444) made by adding Mo to SUS430 to prevent rusting.


1-4. SUS440C / SUS420J2


SUS440C / SUS420J2: A 13% Cr steel grade that hardens by quenching (heat treatment), so it is used for spring applications and knives (kitchen knives). Most stainless steel scales (rulers), kitchen knives, knives, and ball bearings are made of this material. The amount of carbon determines the degree of quench hardening. Carbon steel flanges manufacturers in India is the best steel manufactures in India.


1-5. SUS410 series


SUS410S series: Corrosion resistance and heat resistance compared to iron, and because it is an inexpensive stainless steel grade, it is used for exhaust system parts (mufflers, etc.) of automobiles. In order to prevent corrosion caused by antifreeze agents and exhaust chemical substances, the exhaust members of automobiles are becoming stainless steel.