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2009 Athletics Carnival 

On Thursday, 30th July 2009, Stage 2 and 3 children from Minchinbury Public went to the Athletics Carnival at the Charlie Bali Reserve. They go every year to compete against children of the same age.  The winners are selected to the District Carnival.  

First Stage 2 and 3 had to catch buses to the reserve. While they were waiting for the bus, the children were really bored. When they arrived at their destination, they had to go through a loud, dark and gloomy tunnel. 

Once they arrived at the oval, they were told to sit in their house groups and listen to all the announcements. The first announcement was when the 8, 9 and 10 year old boys were called to the marshalling area to race the 800m race. When the boys’ race had finished, the girls were called to start their race. 

Later on was the 200m event. 1 person from each house group raced. The 200m contest was half of the track. When they were running, their house group friends were cheering them on. 

After that, the junior boys were called for the 100m race. There were 8 children – 2 each from Bird, Smithy, Hargraves and Hinkler. After the boys raced, it was the girls’ turn and 8 girls ran. 

Finally the last track race was the relay. 4 people from each house group raced. They all ran 100m each, that equals 400m. As they were running, their houses were cheering for their reps. They also did some war cries to earn points for their house. 

When junior high jump was called, children who wanted to participate lined up behind their house colour cones. Everyone that joined in had to jump over a particular height. Alex and Jonathan were able to jump over like a Jack in a box, however they still did not qualify for District. 

People who were interested in shot-put were called to the marshalling area. Quite a few people qualified, but to compete in the next round, competitors had to be able to aim and push a heavy ball into the circular rink. 

There were many novelty events. One of them was the sack races. The children lined up, ready to have a funny race. The first two in line were called up. They hopped into the itchy sacks and off they went, tumbling and tripping over the damp grass. Luckily they made it through the course. 

Nearly everybody participated in the carnival and everyone had an absolutely fantastic day. The carnival felt like the exhilarating 2008 Olympics. 

By 4V