Positive Behaviour

We value positive behaviour for learning in 4V.

We strive to follow school rules and at the beginning of the year, we worked at developing our own class rules to work in with our school rules.

These are our class rules:


I treat each person the way I like to be treated.

This means I am kind and considerate and use good manners.

I work quietly.

This means I respect everyone's right to learn. When I need to speak to others, I am aware of the noise level and I use a 30cm voice.


I stay in the right place.

This means I know where I am supposed to be and I stay there.

I move safely in class.

This means I walk in class and I am aware of things around me.


I follow instructions straight away.

This means I listen carefully and I am ready to start work.

I do the best I can.

This means I always strive to do my personal best.

I think about my own learning goals.


Positive behaviours are recognised and rewarded in 4V.

There are school wide systems in place to recognise students who display positive behaviours. These are:

Merit certificates - these build to different level badges

RSL cards - a canteen voucher is drawn out each week

Class based incentives include:

RSL cards

Sunshine Awards to 2 students each day, 5 of these earns a canteen voucher.

Table Points - winning table gets a treat at the end of the week