P.I.T. Answer Keys

Hello grade 3s and 4s (and parents!)


In this tab, you will find the our P.I.T. tests to work off of and practice at home.  


You will always find 2 sets here.  The first set is the entire P.I.T. written out and the second set is the P.I.T. written out with fill-in-the-blanks.  Some students will be using the first set, others will be using the second set. 


However!  The second set is a good way for all students  to practice difficult words. 



P.I.T. Paragraph #6 

We have been learning about Simple Machines for the past few weeks in our classrooms.  After completing our Simple Machine Booklets, we realized that there are 6 different types of simple machines including: Wheels and Axles, Levers, Pulleys, Inclined Planes, Wedges and Screws.  We are going to incorporate our knowledge of the 6 simple machines by building a Rube Goldberg Machine which performs a simple task by doing a number of motions and movements based on a series of chain reactions.



We have been learning about ________________   ______________________ for the past few ______________ in our ___________________________.  After _________________________ our ___________________ ___________________ Booklets, we _________________ that there are 6 ______________________ types of ______________________ _____________________ including: _______________    _________  ____________________, ____________________, ____________________, ___________________   ________________, ______________ and ___________.  We are going to __________________ our _____________ of the 6 _______________   _________________ by building a _____________ __________________    ___________________    _____________ performs a easy task by doing a ______________ of ________________ and movements based on a _____________ of ________________ reactions.