In this section, you will find a few descriptions and pictures that highlight our November!

Magnet Exploration!  As a launch to our unit surrounding magnets, the students were given a bin full of magnetic knick-knacks to explore and "play" with.  Many students came up with interesting questions and observations about magnets and how they affect our world.  We are looking forward to following up our questions and learning more about how magnets are used all around us.


Jeremy Hansen - Space Talk from the CSA (Canadian Space Agency)  We were fortunate enough to have "astronaut-in-training," Jeremy Hansen, come talk to our students about space experiments and their missions to the ISS (International Space Station).  Students are invited to join contests and submit experiments on the CSA website, where their ideas may be selected for actual use on the ISS!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG0fTKAqZ5g&sns  <--- link to the video Jeremy showed us of the flyover of Earth from the International Space Station.



Our Spelling Words  - Work work is always a fun time in our classroom.  The students are participating in a variety of activities - from spelling centres to using our exploration materials for building our spelling words.