Websites to further our knowledge of multiple Science topics we may cover this year (depending on student interest)! 

Science News for Kids  - site with Science news written for kids

National Geographic - Young Explorer - Magazines designed for children (with the option to have words read out-loud).

Kid Friendy Search - a website offering a plethora of links, allowing students to explore the many different sciences.


  • Defenders of Wildlife - a site that lets you browse through animal factsheets alphabetically or by region.  It also addresses several concerns regarding conservation and climate change.
  • A-Z Animals - an online animal encyclopedia that lays out information using kid-friendly language in an easy-to-read layout.
  • National Geographic Kids - an online database that allows you to browse through animals by habitat or category (ie: amphibians, birds, mammals..etc.)
  • Discovery Kids - Animals - a small website that reviews some questions students may have about different classes of animals.
  • Animal Bytes - from the San Diego Zoo, a website that allows you to look up animal information by category, habitat or location.
  • Zoobooks - a directory that offers short informational paragraphs about select animals.