Weekly Review - grade 3/4

In this section, you will find a few descriptions and pictures that highlight our week.

I will be getting this up and running as soon as possible!

Below is a sample week from when I taught grade 3/4:

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Growing Ducklings in our Classroom!  As a launch to spring, our classroom has decided to grow duck eggs in an incubator for 28 days and raise a few ducklings in May.  Attached are a few pictures of our eggs, the incubator and the research we completed about growing ducklings in order to be successful.



Rube Goldberg Machines  After learning a few things about simple machines and forces, the students are building their own Rube Goldberg Machines.  Their machine must perform a simple task by creating a chain reaction of multiple tasks to do the job.  They must have at least 3 different types of simple machines in their creation.

The Calgary Zoo  At the zoo, the students were able to learn about plants/plant parts and their function in our world.  They were also able to seek and find several plant species while hearing stories about each ones' uses.  After our plant program, the students explored the zoo grounds, checking different habitats/regions and makings notes about the animals that resided in each one.  It was certainly a day to remember!


Peer Editing  Students learned how to edit writing with their peers and receive (as well as give) constructive feedback in order to better their pieces.  The students were able to work with a variety of other classmates in order to hear and realize what they need to edit in order to make their writing stronger.