Grading Policies

Grades are updated frequently throughout the week. You can check your grades anytime by visiting

Your grade is made up of the following categories:

Preparation and Practice - 15% of total grade. 

Assignments  in this cateogry reflect material that is being newly introduced. Practing a concept or getting familar with new knowledge, falls under this category. Class work and homework also falls under this category.

Formative Assessments - 30% of total grade.

Assignments in this category usually refer to the concept check of the student and testing the comprehension on the material. Quizes and tests fall under this category as well.

 Summative Assessments - 55% of total grade.

Assignments in this cateogry represent the final knowledge of a concept and matieral. Tests and quizes go under this category as well as projects and material that is finished and is time to move on.

Late Work:

 Late work is accepted up until the end of the unit for no penality. Students should take their time on assignments and tasks so that they can perform to the best of their ablity and produce the best possible work. All students work at different speeds and by allowing them to take all the time they need, without feeling rushed, is the only way for them to perform to the fullest poetentials.

However, assignments that are received past the due date, will be flagged in the gradebook as late for reference, but no points will have been deducted. 

Any assignment that is missing past the final test over the unit, will turn to an automatic zero.