The Greek laid siege to Troy for ten years, but could not conquer the city. Things started to go badly for the Greek after Achilles, their bravest warrior left because the Greek commander insulted him. Achilles returned after the death of his friend, Patroclus to avenge his friends death. The person who killed Patroclus is Hector the Trojans leader, and now the person who Achilles wanted to kill. After Achilles killed Hector the Trojans called out to get the Amazon woman warriors and an army called the Ethiopians. When Achilles heard about this he enabled Greek allies to defeat their enemies by killing the Queen of the Amazons, Penthesila, and the king of the Eithiopians. Later when all of these events have concluded, Paris with the help of Apollo, killed Achilles by shooting him in the ankle with a bow and arrow and he instantly died.