The Greek built a giant horse for thier entrance way into the city of Troy. Once the horse was built Odysseus and other warriors hid inside of the horse. When the Trojans saw the giant wooden horse they all thought it was a thing of beauty, but two people had to disagree. Those two people were a priest and a prophetess. They said that this horse was a bad sign. Then a Greek prisoner said that this horse would bring protection of the gods to the Trojans. Finally, the Trojans made up their minds and pulled the horse into the city. When the horse was in the city everybody celebrated because they all thought that they won the war they were in. Saldly, they were wrong. When everyone was asleep that night, the Greek got out of the wooden horse and let in the rest of the army. After everyone was in they captured Helen and brought her back to the city where she belonged. While doing this the Greek burned the city of Troy and killing everyone who lived there!