Find benefits of electronic cigarette compare to tobacco cigarettes

If you're too concerned about your health and at the same time you're not able to quit smoking, then you should think about switching to rechargeable e-cigarette. E-cigarette can provide you total smoking experience along with health benefits. You can continue smoking, and even you don't have to worry about your health. Electronic Cigarette Dublin includes many benefits. Here you can find the benefit of rechargeable e cig compare to the tobacco cigarette.

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A quick look at the similarity between Rechargeable e-cigarette & tobacco cigarette

Rechargeable E Liquid Ireland are electronic devices that operated by battery, and it inhales nicotine. It includes a rechargeable battery, a cartridge, led light and an atomizer. They are in the market from 2007 and till the date, it has gained an incredible popularity among smokers because of its harmless smoking. Both rechargeable E Cigarette Dublin and tobacco cigarettes can satisfy your crave for smoking. Let's discuss them.

Benefits of Rechargeable e-cigarette compare to tobacco

  • Nature: - If you compare e-cigarette and tobacco, then they both are opposite to each other. On one hand tobacco cigarettes are made up of 4,000 serious killing chemicals, on the other hand, e-cigarettes are made up of only nicotine, which is 4,000 times less than tobacco cigarette. Last statement state that e-cigarette are 4,000 times less hazardous than tobacco cigarette. Although the previous statement is enough to state their difference, but if you want to know more, then here is another difference. Out of those 4,000 chemicals, an average of 51 chemicals stated as the cause for serious disease by the Food and Drug Administration, World Health Organization and other health organizations. Furthermore, tobacco cigarette will only raise your smoking habit and opposite to that rechargeable e cig online will, after a few weeks or months, finally take you towards the route to be an x-smoker.


  • Outcome: - Both are cigarette and stops craving, but they both produce a different outcome, on the one hand, tobacco cigarette. It produces harmful elements such as tar, ash, strong odor and clouds of smoke.


  • Conversely, e-cigarette that are available at E Cigarette Shop Dublin only produces thick vapors and nothing else. According to some health organization, even e-cigarette's chemical nicotine contains some harmful effects, but they also suggested consuming e-cigarettes instead of tobacco as compared tobacco it only contains 2-3% harmful effects. We should not forget one important part that tobacco cigarette's smoke contains a very strong chemical called Benzene, this is a vital chemical, and it can equally harm non-smokers.


  • Price: - Another very important benefit of e-cigarette of Premium Vape Mods comparison to the tobacco cigarette is their price. However, e-cigarettes are costly for occasional smokers, but for regular smokers it really works as a superb economist and enables you to save almost half of your smoking budget. Talking about budget, you can even use their discount Vape Shop Ireland coupons and save more money.