Classroom Expectations

  • Be Respectful:  You are expected to show Courtesy and Respect for each other as well as your teacher.  Treat others as you would want to be treated.  Any type of teasing, taunting or bullying will not be tolerated.  These behaviors will be reported to administration and dealt with accordingly. 


  • Be Diligent:  Always try your best and put forth 100% effort. 


  • Be Cooperative:  Everyone is equally important in this classroom.  Listen to and respect others’ ideas.  Remember to keep an open mind to new ideas.


  • Be Prepared:  You are expected to come to class PREPARED to LEARN every day.  Make sure that you bring your textbook, notebook, paper, pencil(s) and an open learning mind every day.


  • Be Prompt:  You are expected to be Prompt everyday.  That means to be in class and in your seat on time.  This means DO NOT BE LATE!!  After 2 tardies a detention will be assigned. 


  • Be Polite:  Please remember your Polite manners while interacting with others in the classroom.  Say “Please” and “Thank You” and please refrain from saying “Shut Up”.  Please raise your hand if you have a question and refrain from speaking while the teacher is speaking.  Students may not bring any type of food or drink into the classroom.