Equine Assisted Therapy Australia

How Does Equine Assisted Therapy Help Develop Social and Emotional Skills In Humans?


What Is EAT(Equine Assisted Therapy)? 

EAT is a kind of physiological treatment that comprises equine activities and an equine atmosphere to teach humans how to respond in different circumstances. It is also referred to as horse therapy for humans. Humans can get over anxiety, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Dementia, Depression, behavioral issues, abuse issues, and many other mental health problems as it helps them to grow in each aspect of life including physical, occupational, and emotional wellness.  You can experience the benefits of EAT at Equine Assisted Therapy Australia.




EAT helps the individual to maintain self-confidence,  communication, trust, perspective, social skills, impulse control, and how to react in certain situations.


Since horses are calm and soothe, they can teach to be calm and soothe in different situations. It can be easy to make connections with horses as their social behaviors are similar to humans. The therapy is making its recognition worldwide in the field of mental health.  If you are suffering from any kind of mental health issues, you can visit Equine Therapies Near Me


How EAT works? 

Equine Therapy is assisted by an Equine Assisted Therapist in which the therapist leads the session and sets the goal for the client to complete. He/She can give you some task to perform with the horse such as he/she may ask you to lead the horse to a designated area or put a halter on the horse. The client will try to put in his/her best effort to complete the task. After that, he/she will discuss the thought process and idea used in the completion of the task.    This will help the individuals to improve their language skills. In addition, this will develop the listening ability as well. You can see EAT helps individuals learn social and real-life skills in a fun activity way with the help of a horse. Not only Equine Therapy Near Me builds communication between the horse and the client, but also between the instructor and the client. It is beneficial to deal with anxiety issues if anyone has.  This kind of activity increases the ability to be focused on the present.  


Equine Assisted Learning lets you deal with the severity of the anxiety. Therapists decide the treatment depending on the severity of mental issues. Since it is Horse therapy for humans, let’s discuss the role of Horse in EAT.


Role of Horses in EAT: 

Here, there are some points discussed below to know the qualities of horse that help an individual to heal mentally: 


Tolerant and unbiased: 

The reaction of the horses is unbiased as they react only to the client’s behavior and emotions. They are not affected by the patient’s physical appearance or past mistakes. The horses’ calm behavior and reactions help the patient increase their self-confidence.


Feedback makes patients feel themselves: 

Horses are able to give immediate feedback to the instructor or rider’s actions as they are hyper-vigilant and sensitive. This means you will get quicker feedback than a human therapist. Moreover, horses are proficient to mirror the feelings of the handler or rider which helps the patient to experience him or herself. The feed given by horses can be translated by the therapist.


The therapy is unique in itself as it involves a horse to deal with patients’ mental disabilities. So, if you are feeling hopeless, it is the right way to deal with your anxiety differently.