Equine Therapy – A Mind Releasing Tharapy

Equine therapy or horse-assisted therapy is a relatively new fad. ThisEquine Assisted Learninghelps you improve balance and mobility, as well as eliciting an incredible communicative response from riders.


These do not have to be placed in a conventional way: sometimes they can be sitting backwards, standing up or in different postures that can be alternated. The animal’s trotting rhythm is similar to the movements of the pelvis when walking, so horse-assisted therapy is perfect for people who have seen their mobility reduced.



Riding a horse as part of equine therapy can also allow the emergence of self-confidence for a child in a wheelchair, who, thanks to the horse, can realize that he no longer has to raise his head. to watch the others! In addition, the horse does not “judge”, nothing in its attitude suggests rejection or incomprehension.

It is also highly recommended for people with autism, Down syndrome, sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and many traumatic diseases. It is very important that we bear in mind that this is an alternative that must always be accompanied by medical treatment, if not; it will be difficult for us to notice progress.You can search the Equine Therapy Near Me

Socializing function

Animals often create a special bond with humans, especially horses. Non-verbal communication between the person and the equine reinforces the emotional bond that is created: words are not necessary for coordination to be perfect. Emotions find space to flow and the relationship between the two ends up generating affection and understanding is often indescribable.

Physical exercise

Equine Assisted Therapy involves the exercise or use of many muscles in our body. Balance, strength and dexterity (always accompanied by a person who is attentive at all times) are essential and favor the mobility of the joints, specifically the abdomen, buttocks, calves, arms, coming in very handy to strengthen spinal column.

Improved self-esteem

Animals do not judge, they do not mock and they do not criticize. Somehow, they treat humans equally and without distinction.

Equine Therapy Sunshine Coastacts as a catalyst for more complex emotions. The love and understanding that an animal can give us is sometimes much more enriching than what some people can bring. Something that anyone who has lived with an animal can testify to.

Increase attention span

The patient focuses on the relationship with the horse, thus increasing the spatio-temporal domain, since it promotes pre-operative thinking. You can find course by searching Equine Therapies Near Me.

Relax and de-stress in equal parts

It’s a great exercise to free your mind from day-to-day stress. It deal with anxiety and stress problems.

It also helps to relate to other people who are outside our usual context. Improves self-control of emotions and teaches patients to express what they feel appropriately.

Environmental function

The patient does not feel that he is in a serious or artificial place, as a consultation can be. Carrying out horse therapy allows us to be outdoors, a much more natural space where our senses have the opportunity to expand , making it easier for the feeling of well-being to increase