3rd - 4th Grade

1st Quarter

Type to Learn 3

Remember these 5 typing techniques:

1)Keep your back straight

2)Keep your eyes on the screen

3)Keep your feet on the floor

4)Keep your wrists up

5)Keep your fingers on the Home Row: ASDF JKL;

2nd Quarter

We will be using Microsoft Word to learn the different formatting tools.

We will learn how to Center, Bold, Italicize, Underline, Change font and size, use Word Art and Clip Art.

We will continue to use Type to Learn 3, but not as much as during 1st Quarter.

3rd Quarter

We will use www.insecta-inspecta.com to create a PowerPoint presentation on an insect of their choosing.

Students will learn how to copy/paste using the mouse and keyboard shortcuts

4th Quarter

Students will take a road trip around the United States with a group of 4 students

Each student will be responisble for a job: Geologist, Transportation Manager, Travel Agent and Tour Guide

Groups will pick a state to visit and research all the fun and exciting things to do once they get there